Unafraid and Unashamed

For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.” For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

— Romans 10:11, 13



The young man stood in front of the altar, his hands trembling around the communion cup. A visitor to the church, he wasn’t sure he was in the right place. Later he told a friend, “The roof didn’t fall, and lightning didn’t strike. God must have been looking the other way.”


His friend responded, “God is everywhere, but He’s merciful. And He understood why you were scared.”

That young man doubted he’d be welcome in a church because of his experiences. And he’s not alone. Many people fear rejection, so they continue to carry the burden of sin instead of accepting the message of grace.

Guilt can be a devastating burden. Without knowing the complete forgiveness of God, people can be reluctant to step forward, believing others are waiting to point out their sins. Sometimes it’s too much, so they walk away, more comfortable with the guilt than fully recognizing the forgiveness.

How many want to follow God but believe their sins are too great to overcome? How many people want to live free of guilt and shame but fear disapproval from other Christ followers?

Paul, the author of Romans, was quick to remind the church in Rome that everyone who believes in Christ will be saved. There is no sin too great that God’s forgiveness can’t cover it.

But sometimes we don’t act like we truly believe that. Sometimes we’re too eager to point out past sin and fail to see the new life in Christ. As believers—as the Church—we should be quick to spread the word of the mercy we’ve received. And we should be eager to demonstrate that God’s grace is available to all.

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