Unseen Outcomes

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” —Proverbs 16:9

Lifeguards rushed to save a young boy who flipped over on the water-slide. Cullen Jones didn’t know how to swim, but wanted to zip down the slide at the water-park. With quick work and CPR, the lifeguards revived the boy. His terrified mother quickly enrolled her son in swim classes. She simply wanted to keep him safe.

Cullen took to swimming, never felt afraid, became passionate about the sport and became a champion swimmer. He became the second African American to win an Olympic gold medal in swimming. He totaled four Olympic medals in his career, in addition to a world record.

We don’t see the future. Some simple choices lead to surprising paths in life. With Cullen, his mother chose to help him overcome a weakness. He conquered what nearly took his life and with hard work, a weakness became a strength. Cullen attributes his success to God and his trust in Christ in all aspects of his life.

We make choices and plans every day, but seldom can envision the outcome. Cullen’s mother’s quest to keep her son safe opened doors for God to use Cullen to save many children in his anti-drowning program called Make a Splash.

God beckons us to trust him and overcome fears. Be open to learning and conquering fear and weaknesses. God may use that to direct your steps into the future.

Today’s One Thing

Work to overcome a weakness and be open to God using that weakness as one of your strengths.

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