When It’s Hard to Wait

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage.

─ Psalm 27:14



There’s a short verse in John 11 that describes Jesus walking to a town called Ephraim where He stayed with His disciples. This one verse summarizes several weeks of our Savior’s life—but it speaks volumes about waiting for God’s timing.


The final Passover for Jesus was only a few weeks away. The Lord and His disciples had been moving about the country, sharing His message and healing those who came to Him. Lazarus had died, and Jesus had brought His friend back to life. Many people believed His message as a result, making a lot of people in Jerusalem nervous. So they plotted to kill Him.


But with the Passover still a few weeks away, His time had not yet come. So Jesus withdrew with the disciples to Ephraim. There He gathered with His friends in this small village on the edge of a wilderness. And He waited.


What a somber, bittersweet time it must have been to spend time with His friends, resting, teaching and preparing them for what was to come. In front of them lay a glorious celebration as well as the darkest despair. The rollercoaster of His last week would push them all to their limits. Still, He waited.


Waiting for God’s timing is never easy or simple. It is human nature to want to rush into something great or hurry through something terrible. But God’s knowledge of us is intimately loving and good. He provides what we need at the time we need it. That requires trusting Him, which isn’t always easy. But when we do, we become more like Jesus and see that His work in our lives is perfect.

Today’s One Thing

Ask God for patience as you wait for a door to open or for God to reveal His next step for you. Refrain from charging forward without His direction.


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