Will You Share Your Story?

Your testimony is yours and can never be taken away – by anyone. Your testimony may consist of fond encounters, delectable meals or desserts eaten, engaging conversations, journeys you took, hugs you’ve received and hands you’ve held. It also may consist of fierce confrontations, scary moments or life-altering changes. Your testimony is yours, and it’s significantly important.

So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven.
─ Matthew 10:32 ESV

Some have said, “Your testimony is the key that helps unlock someone else’s prison.” Your personal story cannot be taken away, and it does not need any exaggeration to bolster your magnificent experience. While you may or may not have encountered a Saul/Paul-like experience involving a blinding light and God’s audible voice, your Christian story is just as real.

In the social media world, sharing personal information and giving insights on a selected platform is a natural, everyday occurrence. Some individuals share valuable information, some share funny pictures and entertaining clips, while some take time to encourage others. It’s important to share your story. It’s divinely given to you, packaged like a gift for you to share with others.

Your encounter with the Lord was specially appointed as your gift and experience.

During a joyful time of praise-singing, peaceful nature walks, or while driving to work or meditating on God’s Word, are all potential places where the Lord may whisper directly to you and reveal insight and direction. As you know or will discover, these moments become part of your personal story.

Become comfortable with sharing your Christian testimony. Your words may be the very ones that help others realize they are not the only ones with similar experiences.

Today’s One Thing
Spend time thinking about your journey with the Lord and give thanks for His presence, help and protection. After praising the Lord for your encounters, prepare to share a one-minute, three-minute and ten-minute version of your story. Watch for opportunities, as the Holy Spirit leads you to present it when it’s time to share with others.

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