You are Safe

Did you ever play the popular game of “Hide and Seek?” A variation of the game says while the seeker is trying to find everyone, those hiding can run back to “home base,” touching the base, yelling “safe.” Those who are then safe get to hide again in the next game round. If all of those hiding make it back to home base without being found, the seeker must continue being the seeker until they can find at least one who is hiding.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.

─ Proverbs 18:10 ESV

While life isn’t a game of hiding and seeking, it is filled with challenging moments and requires a safe place to go or a safe person to whom you can express grief or sorrow. 

When you experience tough times, where do you run? Do you call a friend, go to social media, or vent to a colleague or family member? Some may utilize unhealthy substances to create a temporary numbness or escape from reality. When you find yourself needing a safe place, the Lord is the robust tower and most stable foundation for your reassurance, safety and peace.   

The Lord is your fortified tower and wall of protection from the enemy.

The name of the Lord is all-encompassing. Calling to Him signifies your submission to Him, acknowledging His love, mercy, power, understanding, compassion and protection. When you call upon Him and submit yourself to His authority, He becomes your refuge and safe haven.  

The Lord can handle all challenges, no matter how simple or complex they may be. He is close, always within vocal range. Call on the Lord for His help and protection.

Today’s One Thing

Bring all your challenges and concerns to the Lord. Pray for yourself and others you know who are going through tough times, who need a safe place and the Lord’s protection in their lives. 

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