Enjoy the freedom of being known by God

By Evan Carlson

Summer’s all about feeling carefree! Kids are out of school, families head off on vacations, and longer days give you more time to enjoy the great outdoors and cookouts with those you love.

And Family Life Radio continues to be there for you, your family and community – as a soundtrack to your summer so you can experience hope wherever you are. Even when life doesn’t feel so carefree.

Because, as you know, the worries and struggles and difficulties don’t stop when the seasons change. Life’s not that simple.

Everybody needs to hear the Good News of God’s love for them—and find true freedom from anger, darkness, sin and heartache. That’s why we’re thankful for your partnership and prayers that keep this ministry on-air and reaching people with songs and messages that fill them with hope.

That “summer vacation” time between Memorial Day and Labor Day offers us a chance to slow down and be thankful for the freedoms we enjoy every day. And there’s nothing more freeing than knowing – and being truly known by – our Heavenly Father.

That’s the hope you provide when you support encouraging music and truth-filled teachings that point more people to Christ.

Thank you for sharing that freedom with more people just like you!

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