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Faith Bible Institute Semester Classes

10/20/2020 @ 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


April-June 2020  is our Early Registration for Faith Bible Institute Semester Classes for the
Fall Semester beginning August 11,2020 through Dec 1st

Tuesday nights – 6:30pm-9:30pm
at Frawley Baptist Church of East Ridge. 

$139 New Student, $97 Returning or Former  Student,  $61 Spouse or FBI graduate (or second family member enrolling from the same residence.)

Faith Bible Institute (FBI) is a 3 year Bible College Program, offering testing and diplomas, and audit options for students ages high school through senior adult.  Anyone interested in receiving a Bible College Diploma is required to complete Attendance and Weekly Homework Requirements and 3 tests per semester to earn 36 college credits. Only Attendance is required for Auditing students.

DVD lectures are watched together as a satellite school location along with over 1400 other churches/ 58,000 students worldwide. It is a non-profit Baptist ministry based in Monroe, Louisiana, taught by its founder, Pastor John Yates for the past 35 years.

If you’ve ever wished you could know more about the Bible, hear it taught in chronological order so you could understand how it all fits together, then this is the course for you. It goes through the entire Bible in classes that meet 1 time per week for 3 hours. Each course is only offered once every three years and is designed so students can jump in and enroll in the course at the beginning of each semester, which lasts 17-18 week each.     

This Fall is Semester Four covers

  • Old Testament books of 1-2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Obadiah, Joel,Jonah & Amos.
  • New Testament books of 1-2 Corinthians, Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon and Philippians. 
  • Theology Doctrine of Salvation

The full amount or $25 is due at enrollment, with any remainder paid in person on the first night of class or a payment plan is available.
Early Enrollment during April-June is preferred.  However, enrollment can still be done as late as August for a $28 late fee.  All students register and pay the same amount regardless if you intend to take tests and graduate or are simply auditing the class. 

Details and Semester Course Registration are done at your convenience ONLINE  at www.fbiclass.com
ALL of Faith Bible Courses are viewed together as dvd lectures in a classroom setting, as a satellite school location. Absences can be made up by checking out the dvd, however dvds are very limited to only 2 dvds per 17 people enrolled.  Therefore dedication to attendance is very strongly recommended. 

Please feel free to visit a class for free any one Tuesday evening.  Simply call or text me when you would like to come.  The Regular FBI Semester Courses meet continuously year round with the exception of the weeks around Christmas and shorter electives run weekly every summer from May through mid-July.

Please call or text to reach the local director in charge of registration at 423-802-3169.


6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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