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FEARLESS: Im Taking It Back!

April 24 @ 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

This Is The Meeting For You! This Event Is To Engage And Shift The Fire Within You. No Matter The Office Should It Be A Housewife To Madame President You Are To Fearlessly Pursue It. The Queen In You Must Reign From Within And Externally. This Authentic Ministry Of Apostle Jnette Is Just The Tipping Point To Direct And Empower You To Prevail. It’s Time To Take Charge , Own The Fire Within And Passionately Pursue Purpose. Being Fearless Cause Doors To Be Open Unto You And Mountains To Move! This Gathering Is For The Servants Of The Lord Who Are Desiring To Go Beyond Their Stopping Point. To Also Learn How To Wisely Win Souls Unto The Lord. The Event In Whole Was Created With You In Mind! We Welcome You To Witness And Experience A Divine Breakthrough Miracle Moment. Attendees Will Receive Gift Bags And Refreshments Register Here On Event Brite.com. Advance Seats Are $25 Including Fees Or $20 VIA CASHAPP If Late Purchasing There Will Be A $35 At The Door Onsite Fee If Seating Is Available .

Hurry Seats Will Be Truly Limited Due To Covid Restrictions And Social Distancing. Looking Forward To The Fellowship

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