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God’s Good Creation – Vacation Bible School

06/24/2019 @ 9:00 AM

During VBS (June 24-28), the children will learn about various animals and how they are valued gifts from God that help us in different ways. Like the loaves of bread and fish which Jesus used to feed the 5000, these gifts can feed the entire world. The children will also learn through song, games, crafts, and stories, how their God-given gifts and talents can help the world. 
On Friday, June 28th, you are invited to join us for an end of week lunch celebration.
On Sunday, June 30th, you are invited to join us for worship at 8am or 10am to share some of the songs and stories from VBS with the congregation.
Cost is $25 for one child. Each additional sibling is $20.
Register at www.beautifulsavior.net


9:00 AM

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