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Probing the Mysteries of the Universe

April 11 @ 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Join the leading scientists who have played a key role in changing our understanding of our place in the cosmos in a lively panel discussion of the major outstanding challenges, experiments, and theories that are likely to further alter our picture of the universe in the 21st century.

Our understanding of the Universe has been revolutionized over the past 25 years as stunning new observations have opened new windows on the cosmos. Panelists will include Nobel Laureate Barry Barish, who helped direct and build the LIGO gravitational wave observatory,  theorist Michael Turner, who, along with Lawrence Krauss, was one of the first scientists to propose the existence of dark energy, a name he coined, and several special guests, including Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who will be beaming in for the event. A must see event for anyone interested in cutting edge science and astronomy. Limited tickets are available for a special pre-event VIP reception and meet-and-greet with the panelists. 

VIP tickets ($150) are available that include premium seating, a Meet and Greet with the Panelists, along with a pre-event VIP reception (light appetizers and drinks).

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