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Your Right to Optimal Health

January 7 @ 7:00 PM - January 8 @ 6:00 PM

Free health assessments & immune-optimizing meal. POWERFUL seminars by Peter McCullough, Ben Carson, and more! Phoenix, Jan. 7-8 IN-PERSON.
About this event
Liberty and Health Alliance is pleased to welcome you to the 2022 Health Summit, entitled: Your Right to Optimal Health!

Plenary and breakout sessions with speakers such as Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ben Carson, and more!

Dates: Jan. 7-8.

Location: Chase Field, Phoenix, AZ.

Attendees will be provided with FREE, tangible and wholistic health opportunities to the community, which help to optimize immunity.

Physical health assessments and counseling through free laboratory testing for immune status including: Covid antibody screens, white blood cell count, hemoglobin, electrolytes, glucose and more.

Physicians will be present to provide free health counseling sessions.

Group sessions will include nutrition classes and other scientifically proven immune enhancement methods.

Specific emphasis will be placed on COVID prevention, early treatment, and the latest on the best hospital treatment methods.

UPDATE: Medical professionals and teachers earn FREE CMEs and CEUs by simply attending these seminars!

Health screenings begin Friday, January 7 at 3 pm for the first 3000 registered attendees.

A free and tasty immune-optimizing meal will be provided to first 10,000 attendees and volunteers!

How to navigate vaccine mandates and exemptions? Attend the eye-opening and practical sessions by legal experts who stand firmly for liberty of conscience.

Additionally, the event will offer sessions on navigating the propaganda and mass formation with its mental and spiritual health implications. Learn how to manage fear and anxiety and preserve individual critical thinking while protecting liberty of conscience and preserving a free society.

Free uplifting Christian literature will be provided.

The opening plenary session with Dr. Peter McCullough is Friday, Jan. 7, at 7 pm. The event will continue all day on Saturday, January 8 and conclude at 9pm.

Engaging children’s programs will be provided to teach God’s methods of health and well-being.

Click here if you would like to volunteer.

Liberty and Health Alliance is providing this Health Summit FREE to the public. This includes a free lunch, free medical services, free seminars, free children’s program, free CMEs/CEUs… Please STAND WITH US at this important time by donating here.


January 7 @ 7:00 PM
January 8 @ 6:00 PM

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