Your faith is not a solo pursuit!

By Evan Carlson

Have you ever noticed how many “one anothers” there are in Scripture? The New Testament is brimming over with them…

Love one another, instruct one another, bear with one another, submit to one another, forgive one another, honor one another, spur one another on, encourage one another… and the list goes on!

These commands make it abundantly clear that being a follower of Jesus is never a solo pursuit. We’re called to community – and one of the greatest gifts God gives us as His people is each other!

That’s why I thank God for your partnership! Because, as you’ll read in the pages of this newsletter, you’re encouraging others, inspiring others, helping others and spurring others on in their faith as you help them experience hope in Jesus each day through Family Life Radio.

So on behalf of all those countless “others” who are blessed through your generous support and faithful prayers, thank you!

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