Featured Artist: for KING & COUNTRY

Q: Family is important. How has yours encouraged you in your ministry?

Luke: “Pretty enormously, really.”

Joel: “Rebecca, our eldest sister, is an artist, Rebecca St. James, and we sort of grew up as her road crew. Dad, who managed her, and who manages us, needed cheap labor, so he hired us. Mom has always been kind of the spiritual glue of the family. Our parents have had massive impact, all the way down to for KING & COUNTRY existing, because Dad had the idea of Luke and I working together, and I didn’t like it initially.”

Luke: “Are you thankful now?”

Joel: “I am thankful now.”

For KING & COUNTRY is a Christian pop duo composed of Australian
brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, who immigrated to the United States as children,
settling in the Nashville area.

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