Find Strength in God’s Surprises

Find Strength in God’s Surprises – TAYA’s Yes to His Plan

TAYA, a renowned name in the Christian music world, shared her journey during an interview with Family Life Radio, providing insights that resonate deeply with many of us walking a similar path down the unpredictable yet beautiful ways God works in our lives.

TAYA’s early experiences in the presence of God laid the foundation for her journey. She reminisced, “I’ve always known that there’s something so special about the presence God. I remember just being so impacted at a young age by the presence of God by just the sweetness of his presence how in His presence, everything just feels light and how things come back into focus.”

This early encounter with God’s presence is reminiscent of Psalm 16:11, which says, “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (ESV). TAYA’s initial steps in faith remind us that the joy and clarity we seek often find their roots in our early experiences with God.

Unexpected Paths

At 16, she found herself leading worship at youth camp, a role she felt unprepared for. This unexpected opportunity became a pivotal moment, marking the beginning of her deeper engagement with God’s call. She said, “I was so shocked that I was being asked to lead because everyone else had graduated from high school that was on the worship team.” Yet, in that moment of uncertainty, she chose to step forward in faith.

  1. Trusting God often means stepping into roles we feel unprepared for, believing that He will guide us.


When asked to lead, she didn’t just rely on her talents but turned to God in prayer, asking, “Yes, God please use me.” Her simple prayer illustrates surrender, a crucial aspect of our walk with Christ.

       2. Our abilities, when offered to God, can be used beyond our imagination.

TAYA’s journey meant overcoming reluctance and self-doubt. She says, “I don’t know if it was a specific moment, but if I’m just being honest, I’m a little bit more of the reluctant type of leader – which I feel like sometimes I need to repent of that – because when God makes it really clear He’s meant for you to do something, you should. It should be with the resounding ‘yes’ because He has done everything for you to get to experience his presence by the blood of His Son, Jesus.”

It’s normal to feel inadequate or hesitant, but what truly matters is how we respond to God’s call.

      3. Our willingness to move past our doubts and fears can lead to extraordinary places in our walk with God.

TAYA’s unexpected involvement in the Hillsong United project wasn’t her plan, but it was obvious that God was directing her path. “God made it pretty clear that this was kind of the direction that I was meant to head in,” she reflects.

When our plans don’t align with God’s, His plans for us are always greater and more fulfilling.

The Christian journey is not meant to be walked alone; the support and wisdom of our faith community are invaluable. Taya says, “I’m so grateful because it was the community around me that gave me accountability, but also [gave me] encouragement.”

Dealing with fear and insecurity, especially in significant moments of her career, was another challenge TAYA faced. Standing on platforms like Red Rocks and the Hollywood Bowl, she often questioned her ability. However, in those moments, she found strength in God’s affirmation through the support of others.

God often uses our community to speak truth and encouragement into our lives when we are plagued by doubts.

His Grace to Anoint

TAYA trusts God to equip her in the moment! She recognized that if God had placed her in a situation, He would also provide the grace and ability needed to thrive in it. “If this is the God thing, I’m going to believe that you [God] are going to anoint me and grace me for this,” she declared.

     4. When God calls you to something, He doesn’t leave you to fend for yourself; He equips you for every good work.

TAYA’s journey teaches us to embrace the unexpected turns in our faith walk, to surrender our plans to God’s greater purpose, and to trust that in our weaknesses, His strength is made perfect.

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