Finding strength in the unknown

Dear Friend,

Something powerful happens when you trust God with the unknowns of life.

You start to release your grip on things out of your control. You feel a bit more at ease knowing He’s got you.

And then you notice Him working in your life in surprising ways—maybe even nudging you to do things you never thought you would!

That’s what happened to Shaye in his story on page 1. Every comfort in his life crumbled to pieces—which is when most people would start to fall apart.

But not Shaye. He was encouraged. He had hope because God worked through the music and messages you make possible to pull him out of the depths and introduce him to a greater, better plan for his life.

I’m sure Shaye still has moments of hurt and heartache. But once he started to trust God with the unknown, he felt his faith increase and began to generously bless more listeners like him so they too would experience the hope he received!

It’s for the sake of people like Shaye that I’m so grateful for your love and generosity. Through your support, you’re making real hope known to countless people across our nation and beyond—writing even more stories like his.

So thank you for trusting God with the unknowns and making hope possible for more people in unexpected ways!

Yours in Christ,

Evan Carlson, President


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