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Turn on the news these days and what do you hear? Fear. Despair. Even hatred. The same is true for so much of social media and popular entertainment.

But flip on Family Life Radio and it’s a refreshingly different story. Here you find faith, hope and the life-changing message of God’s powerful love.

That’s why it’s just so important that Family Life Radio remains strong over these next few months and into the future… because there are so few sources out there today offering families the encouragement you find every day on your favorite station.

Your gift below will help meet a $1,000,000 goal to keep Family Life Radio fully funded during the summer months of July and August – which can be financially challenging as charitable giving tends to slump.

Whatever you’re able to give will be a welcome blessing that helps bring people the comfort and hope of Jesus Christ – and keeps that same encouragement coming to you and your family.

So thank you for your gift below. You’re a blessing!

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