Food for the soul

Last year, Marci, a regular Family Life Radio listener, was listening to Kankelfritz and Friends and heard how local truckers were having to pay $22 for a hot dog and a bowl of chili.

That’s ridiculous! Someone needs to do something about that, Marci thought.

“Right away, I heard God say, ‘Why don’t you do something?’” she said. So, that’s just what she did!

Every Tuesday and Friday at nine o’clock in the morning, Marci and her volunteer team gather at the Flying J truck stop to pass out bags with a hot burrito, a homemade brownie and a bottle of water. The bag is the most important part of her ministry …

“The bag tells how they can get saved!” Marci shared. It includes a little of her own story and references Family Life Radio 91.5 FM, encouraging the truckers to listen. Three thousand burritos later, and her ministry is going strong!

Thank you Marci, for following God’s lead to minister to our community in this unique way!

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