Get Started in giving people a steady source of hope

Radio is not under quarantine!

As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect so many lives, there’s one thing our nation is crying out for more than ever… hope.

That’s why I’m coming to you today – to ask for your help in keeping the inspirational songs and the encouragement of Scripture on-air through Family Life Radio.

But here’s the challenge.

In just a few weeks – on June 30 – we will come to the end of our financial year. And by that date we must close a critical $1,307,888 funding gap.

Your generosity matters so much because now, more than ever, families across our nation need to experience hope and people are searching desperately for comfort and reassurance wherever they can find it.

But as God’s people, you and I know that ultimate security and eternal hope can only be found in the Lord Jesus Christ!

With your gift today you will bring God’s strength and comfort to countless troubled hearts through the hope-filled broadcasts you’ll make possible – radio is not under quarantine!

Thank you so much for making that possible through your gift today.