Getting to know the show hosts….

Family Life Radio has some new and exciting changes to our format coming soon.  Mike Kankelfritz will be moving to mornings while Peter and Shannyn will be taking over middays and the afternoons.   Bill Ronning will be rounding it out at night by bringing music to you in the evenings!



What’s your favorite song right now and why?

Mornings with Kankelfritz

Kankelfritz:  Lauren Daigle’s You Say.  It starts out with the line, “I keep fighting voices in my mind that say I’m not enough.”  A lot of us have a running dialogue in our heads and some of it is not the best self-talk.  To counter that, I think it is important to have the reminder of what God says about us.

Shannyn: I’m loving Wild Fire from Crowder’s new project (that answer will probably always end the same way).

Peter: Everywhere I Go – Dan Bremnes. Reminds me of Jesus faithfulness and it has a good beat and I can dance to it.

Bill: Lauren Daigle’s You Say.  The song’s message is resonating with listeners all over the world and has caught the attention of many who are unfamiliar with Christian music. For anyone that has struggled with self-worth or regret, Lauren’s rich passionate vocal brings a message of hope and redemption.

What are you most excited about for your new show?

Kankelfritz: There is a huge power in how we start each day.  I love the idea that I can help someone begin their day with laughter, positive thoughts, and songs that help us put our focus on God who wants to give us new mercies each morning!

Shannyn: I have always loved radio because it feels like I’m just “hanging out with one person” and as much as I love me some Peter Brooks (and you know I do) the introvert in me is looking forward to being just one on one with my friend, the listener! Plus, driving my son to school each day while listening to Kank!

Peter:  A new challenge and having the opportunity to connect with people at the end of their day instead of the beginning.

Bill: For many people, the evening hours can be the most lonely and desperate time of the day. I get excited about the opportunity to connect listeners with God’s word of encouragement and provide music that comforts and heals. I love that we get to close out the day together at Family Life Radio and remind each other that God’s faithfulness is beyond measure and His mercies abound with a new day tomorrow.

Peter and Shannyn – what are you going to miss most about your morning show?

Middays with Shannyn Caldwell

Shannyn: Like…everything. I loved doing the show with Peter. I loved every single last thing about it forever. Good news is that we will still be seeing each other, having coffee, sharing idea and prayers and baked goods. So, we win all the way around.

Peter:  Working with Shannyn and the energy of the morning.

Kankelfritz, what are you going to miss most about your afternoon show?

Kankelfritz: I don’t know that I will miss a lot about the show itself, because it’s the same show, but just at a different time of the day.  However, my body may miss out on some sleep, so really good coffee will be required!!!

Peter and Shannyn – do you think Kank can handle waking up that early?

Shannyn: I can’t wait to see!

Peter: If I can do it, he can do it.

Kankelfritz, are you ready for the early mornings? What are you doing to prepare?

Kankelfritz: I am not sure if I am ready or not.  But ready or not here we come!  What am I doing to prepare? Well, I could say something smart like, I am slowly waking up earlier and earlier each day, but that would be too smart.  So instead, I think I will just wake up at the new time on day one and hope my body won’t hate me too much.

Peter and Shannyn: If you have one piece of advice for Kankelfritz, what would it be?

Shannyn:  Lay out your clothes before you go to bed.

Peter:  Sleep fast.

Bill, if you have one piece of advice for Shannyn, what would it be?

Afternoons with Peter Brooks

Bill:  Shannyn, you may not get to eat a full meal during the mid-day so bring in lots of healthy snacks 😊 Family Life Radio listeners already love you and you always love them back so you’re ready to roll.

Kankelfritz, if you have one piece of advice for Peter, what would it be?

Kankelfritz: Be Peter Brooks!  The Peter that I have come to know is a great guy!  I think all we really want is for us all to be real.  I know Peter will do a great job!

What’s your favorite thing about being in radio/at Family Life Radio?

Kankelfritz: I love being part of an amazing ministry that is a part of connecting people to God in so many different ways.  From someone who gave their heart to the Lord for the first time, to someone desperately needing to hear that God loves them, and then they hear that right song at the right time.  When I hear those types of stories they really get me excited to come to work each day, because then it is not work, it’s more like I GET to be a part of this awesome thing that is going on.

Shannyn:  Sharing the gospel and our lives with the listener. Plus…great music!

Peter:  The interaction with our listeners and knowing that every day I get to talk about Jesus.

Bill: That I get to share the truth of God’s word and provide music that brings hope and inspires listeners to draw near to God…It doesn’t get any better than that!

How have you seen God at work in this transition?

Evenings with Bill Ronning

Kankelfritz: Well so far it seems like this is a transition that everyone is excited about.  I think we all have noticed that this is also something that will help our families as well.  I think that plays into having good priorities, because it should be God first, family second, and work third.

Shannyn: It just turns out that my son is going to a new school. Moving to mid-days will allow me to drive him. I look at is as enforced daily quality time.

Peter: Having all the pieces fall into place, right people, right time, right situations.

Bill:  Big change can be chaotic, but I see only peace and order unfolding!

Peter + Shannyn: Are you excited about sleeping in?

Shannyn:  Sadly, it does not apply. I’ll be getting up and out at the same time. But I’m happy to do it!

Peter: I guess so. Being a morning person and having done a morning show for 35 years, I will probably sleep in until 5am, like I currently do on the weekends!