God in Unexpected Places

LEELAND’s Lessons for a Deeper Faith

Led by Leeland Mooring and Casey Moore, the Texas-based band LEELAND’s journey is less about creating worship music and more about weaving their personal walk with God into the very fabric of their artistry. Their recent conversation with Family Life Radio reveals a powerful connection between personal faith, life’s rollercoaster, and musical expression.

The Inseparability of Life, Faith, and Music

Leeland Mooring puts it beautifully, “You’re experiencing your journey with God and through life and pain and suffering from the music.” This statement encapsulates the essence of what it means to live a life of faith intertwined with artistic expression.

Our experiences, our struggles, and our moments of joy cannot be separated from our walk with God—or how we express it. As you navigate your faith journey, remember, your experiences shape your understanding of God and how you relate to Him. Embrace them as integral to your worship and your art, whatever form it may take.

Wearing Different Hats: The Artist and The Pastor

Both Leeland and Casey serve in dual roles—as artists and as pastoral figures within their local church communities. This duality enriches their music, allowing them to wear “a pastoral hat,” as Leeland says, focusing “not just about myself, but about everyone else in the room.” This perspective challenges us to consider not only our personal relationship with God but also how we can shepherd others in their faith journeys through our actions and creations.


Whether you’re leading worship, writing, painting, or simply living out your faith, think about how you can guide others to Jesus, even as you navigate your personal experiences and struggles.

Finding God in the Unexpected

During times of personal challenge, Leeland found God not just in worship music but in Old Testament stories and the beauty of life expressed through different musical genres. “Anything good, true, beautiful comes from him,” Leeland reflects.

Look for God’s presence in all aspects of life, not just in the expected places. Whether it’s through a song, a sunset, or a story, God can speak to you. Allow yourself to find Him in the beauty around you, and let these encounters inspire your expressions of faith.

The Balance Between Personal Expression and Community Connection

Creating art that resonates personally while also connecting with a wider audience is a delicate balance. LEELAND approaches this by staying true to what moves them, believing “if it moves us, we’ll trust that it moves other people too.”

Trust in the authenticity of your own expressions of faith.

When you create or worship from a place that’s genuine to you, it’s more likely to touch the hearts of others. Your unique voice and experience have the power to connect deeply with people, fostering a shared experience of God’s presence.

Embracing Originality Through Authenticity

In the quest for originality, Leeland draws inspiration from C.S. Lewis, who believed that true originality doesn’t come from striving to be unique but from being oneself. “If you just be yourself… well then most likely it’s going to have your fingerprint on it.”

Embrace your individuality in your faith journey and your creative expressions. God has created you uniquely, and your personal reflections on faith, expressed sincerely, will naturally be original and impactful.

Your Journey, Your Music

As you walk your own path, consider these insights from LEELAND. Your faith journey, with its highs and lows, is a rich tapestry from which you can draw inspiration.

It’s in the authentic expression of your walk with God that your most profound artistry will emerge. Whether you’re leading in a church, creating music, writing, or engaging in any form of art, let your personal experiences with God be your muse.


Wearing your pastoral hat, think about how your art or actions can direct others towards Jesus. How can you use your platform, no matter how big or small, to shepherd others in their faith? And as you find God in the beauty and storytelling of life, let these encounters fuel your creativity and worship.

In balancing personal expression with community connection, trust that your genuine reflections will resonate with others.

Your voice, your story, and your art have the power to move hearts and draw them closer to God.

Embrace the originality that comes from being authentically you, for it is in this authenticity that your unique contributions to the kingdom of God will shine brightest.

LEELAND’s journey reminds us that our faith, our life experiences, and our creative expressions are deeply interconnected. As you navigate your own path, let these insights guide you to deeper authenticity, greater creativity, and a closer walk with God. Your faith journey is your own unique song, a melody that, when shared, can resonate with the hearts of many, drawing them closer to the love and beauty found in Christ.

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