God really worked things out!

Troubled teen didn’t begin to describe Annie’s daughter.

“Samantha brought a level of chaos to our home that was almost unbearable,” Annie said. “When she turned 18, I was in desperate circumstances. I just wanted her to leave the house.”

Life-changing advice you helped send Annie’s way.

One day, as Annie was driving in her car, Intentional Living with Dr. Randy Carlson came on the radio.

That particular episode was so on point to Annie’s situation, she remembers she had to pull over.

“I really owe it to you, Dr. Randy,” Annie said. “You asked, ‘Where will your child receive the most influence? From you in your own home, or out of your home, in the world?’”

“The answer was very clear,” Annie said. “It was going to be in my home.”

Annie knew they would need to figure out a way to compromise so Samantha could stay in the home.

YOU are helping families to live intentionally for Christ.

YOU are helping families to live intentionally for Christ.

“That piece of advice literally helped bring some direction to my life,” Annie shared.

The wisdom-filled programs, like Intentional Living, and the Christ-filled music provided Annie with the tools and encouragement she needed to stay the course.

“Thank God for the process of Samantha staying in our home,” Annie said. “The additional time we had with her to work through things really paid off.”

A transformed life — thanks in part to YOU!

As God worked in Samantha’s life, she softened into the godly young woman He intended for her to be.

“She graduated from college,” Annie said, “And today, she is married and has a beautiful family.”

“What started out as a bad dream, didn’t stay that way,” Annie told FLR, “God really worked things out. Thank you, Dr. Randy!”

And thank you to our supporters who make Family Life Radio’s life-changing programs possible!

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