“God used Family Life Radio to reach me with the truth”

Aria described her life and marriage as “miserable… with no hope” before a neighbor encouraged her to tune in to Family Life Radio.

What happened next would change her life forever. Aria shares…

“A Christian neighbor who had given me a Bible invited me to listen to Family Life Radio. I did, and for the very first time in my life I heard this amazing music that I never even knew existed. Music with lyrics that offered me hope! Announcers who were real about their personal struggles… some just like mine… but who could turn those struggles over to God and find peace.

“One day, when I was so broken I literally could not get out of bed, my aching heart heard these words from Him, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ So I did. I reached out to Him in my desperation and cried, ‘I believe you. I accept you. I’m all yours.’

“God used Family Life Radio to reach me with the truth. And I am so very, very grateful to Him and to listeners who gave to keep Family Life Radio on the air… for me.”

Thank you for your support to help reach more listeners like Aria with real hope in Christ!

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