How Did One Song Bridge the Gap?

Discover How God Did It with Jon Reddick

Songwriter, singer, and creative visual artist Jon Reddick shared his journey of reconciliation and healing with Family Life Radio, centering on his relationship with his father. For Jon, the song “God, Turn it Around” was so much more than a musical creation but a reflection of his real-life experiences.

As believers, we all encounter moments that test our strength, shake our faith, and leave us searching for peace. It’s in these valleys that the true depth of our relationship with God can shine through, guiding us toward healing and reconciliation.

“God, Turn it Around” are words for Jon that speak to a pivotal season of faith and hope in his life. Jon faced a significant period of estrangement from his father – a situation that seemed insurmountable.

“This song is birthed out of me having a time with my dad. You know, we had kind of an estranged [relationship] and, we found this space where we were talking and sharing,” Jon says. “And I remember going in the other room and saying, ‘God, you really turn things around.’”

Yet, it was through this very song, birthed from a moment of reconciliation, that Jon found the power of God’s transformative love.

Jon Reddick

“Next came the work. So, I was literally singing the song around the country and in having the prayer at the same time.”

Small, Significant Steps

Jon’s story with his father began with a breakthrough – finding a way to communicate and share again after a period of silence. “We found this space where we were talking and sharing,” Jon recalls, highlighting that the road to reconciliation is often paved with small, significant steps. This process, as Jon discovered, starts with a single moment of openness but requires ongoing work, commitment, and, most importantly, faith.

The journey wasn’t easy. There were times when it “felt hopeless,” when the brokenness seemed too deep. Yet, Jon and his father leaned heavily on prayer and faith. They stood on opposite sides, yet their prayers for healing and reconciliation met in the middle, guided by God’s hand. “God, you’re out there saying, it could,” Jon reflects.

Even in our darkest moments, hope flickers on the horizon, fueled by our prayers and God’s promises.

Witnessing God’s Work in Our Lives

A significant milestone in Jon’s journey was planning a ceremony for his son’s 18th birthday, which became a celebration of the work God had done in their lives. “And it kind of marked this moment where we saw we got to lean back and see the work that God has been doing,” Jon shares.

Jon Reddick

Practical Steps You Can Take

If you’re standing at the edge of a strained relationship, wondering if reconciliation is possible, let Jon’s story inspire you to take the first step. Begin with a moment of prayer, asking God to “Turn it Around,” just as Jon did. Remember, patience and faith are your allies in this journey. Even when the path seems clouded in hopelessness, your trust in God’s plan can illuminate the way forward.

Through prayer, faith, and a willingness to see God’s work in our lives, reconciliation is not just a possibility; it’s a promise. As you navigate your own valleys, remember that with God, no rift is too wide, no hurt too deep, and no situation beyond repair. Share your story, lean on your faith, and watch as God turns it around, bringing light into the darkest corners of your life.

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