How to Hold Fast

Micah Tyler on God as Your Anchor in Turbulent Water

Micah Tyler, reminds us that we’re never truly alone, even in our darkest hours during his conversation with Family Life Radio.

In the midst of life’s storms, both literal and metaphorical, it’s incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed, scared, and even angry. These emotions can feel isolating, making it seem as though we’re facing the tumult alone.

Micah’s story begins as he recalls the moment in 2017 when his wife called to tell him that Hurricane Harvey was headed their way. He was on his way to an interview that day hundreds of miles from home. “I was trying to be mad at somebody. I was frustrated. I was hurt. I was scared,” Micah shares.

You’ve probably had moments you can relate to Micah where you’ve had a desire to direct your fear and frustration at something tangible. Yet, as Micah points out, “It’s really hard whenever God is not this person that you can look right in the eye and tell  Him how you feel. But I can’t be mad at the clouds. I can’t be mad at the rain.”

Bring Your Emotions to God

1 Peter 5:7 says, “Casting your cares upon him because he cares for you” (ESV). Micah candidly shares, “He can handle your anger; He can handle your fear; He can handle your insecurities.” He is not only capable of bearing our burdens but is also willing and ready to do so.

In your moments of doubt and fear, you’re invited to bring all of your emotions to God.

Micah’s journey took him from the fear of the approaching storm to finding humor and perspective in his situation, living in a mobile home, which provided a “three and a half foot head start” when the flood came. Yet, as the floodwaters rose, so did the challenges. “Floor starts going away; walls start going away,” he recalls.

God’s Persistent Presence

But it was in this moment of chaos that Micah was reminded of God’s persistent presence. “He is ever-present. He is persistent. He always finds a way to put Himself in a place where it’s like, ‘No, I am who I said I’ve always been.'”

Micah reflects on the nature of God’s promises. “I’m not a promise maker to you; I’m a promise keeper to you,” he emphasizes. God’s promises are steadfast and reliable, especially when our hearts are broken. It’s in these heartbroken times, Micah notes, that we might feel most alone, yet it’s precisely then that God draws near, helping us to see the beauty and necessity of our valleys next to the mountains. “Mountains aren’t mountains without valleys,” Micah shares, reminding us that our struggles are not in vain but are part of a greater landscape of growth and faith.

Walk with Assurance

Micah’s conversation is not just about recounting hardships but is instead a praise to the transformative power of trust in God. “Our circumstances never change the truth in God’s promises,” he asserts. It’s a call to steadfast faith, to continue walking through our valleys with the assurance that God is ever-present, faithful, and true.

Perhaps the most powerful moment of Micah’s conversation comes when he speaks directly to those who feel forgotten or forsaken. “If you feel like God’s far, far away, He is closer than a brother. He draws near the brokenhearted. He is right there with you,” Micah assures.

No matter how deep the valley or how shut the door may seem, God’s presence and promises remain unchanging.

In sharing his story, Micah touches on the apostle Paul’s words, “But I will boast all the more in my weaknesses, for in my weaknesses, God’s strength is made perfect” (2 Corinthians 12:9 para). It’s in our weakest moments, we may actually find our greatest strength, not from within ourselves but from God who carries us through.

God is with always with you, steadfast in promise and presence. Let Micah’s words be a reminder to cast your cares, embrace your valleys, and find strength in your weaknesses, because there you discover the true depth of God’s love and faithfulness.

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