In the Nick of Time

Discovering God’s Perfect Timing in Your Life

God is always at work, orchestrating moments that can transform our lives and the lives of those around us. Worship pastor and songwriter, Jon Reddick, shares a story during a conversation with Family Life Radio about the power of God’s perfect timing, bookended by encounters that reveal a deeper purpose.

Chasing the Supermoon

Jon’s adventure starts with a pursuit of the supermoon. “I knew I’d be on the road … I end up chasing that supermoon all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge,” Jon recounts.

Jon was searching for something grand, a clear signal that God was with him, especially at a time when He felt farthest away.

But upon arrival, the supermoon is hidden by fog, a stark metaphor for those moments in our faith journey when God’s plans seem obscured. Have you been there? Standing in the place you believed God called you to, only to find your vision clouded, your hopes obscured by the fog of uncertainty?

Jon Reddick

An Unlikely Companion

It’s here, amidst the fog, that Jon’s story takes a significant turn. He meets Ricky, a stranger with his own story of despair. This unexpected encounter under the cloak of night becomes a divine appointment.

Jon shares, “We jump in this guy’s security’s patio wagon [to go] right across the Golden Gate Bridge so we can go to where it’s elevated. And then every time we try to get a picture of it, the moon keeps ducking behind … The guy with me, he’s had a lot of beverages, so we had to take these frequent stops because he can’t run as fast,” Jon shares, finding humor in the situation.

Yet, the laughter gives way to a profound connection when Ricky reveals his intention to end his life that night.

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“Eventually we get this amazing picture of the super moon. We start walking back. He starts telling me all these things about his life. He’s clairvoyant. He’s burning out demons with fire and sage. He’s telling me things that I never heard of in real life. And I’m like, ‘Man, I’m from South Memphis,’ but I know, I know how to deal with certain situations. This was not on that list yet. And so, I was like, ‘God, just get me through it.’”

Jon continues, “He finally says, ‘Man, this morning when I got here, I was going to toss my camera over the bridge, and then I was going to jump right after it.’ And he’s just in tears; he’s just sobbing and is like, ‘Man, thank you for sharing your story because I’m not jumping now.’”   

Jon’s presence, his willingness to share a moment and a story, becomes a lifeline for Jon’s unexpected companion.

The Uber Driver

The story doesn’t end there. In a stunning bookend to his week, Jon encounters an Uber driver on the brink of his own despair. Through shared stories and tears, another life is touched, another soul decides to hold on.

Jon says, “I’m sharing my story. He shared his story. By the time he pulled up to the river, we’re both kind of in tears. He looks up. He says, ‘Man, I got to tell you, today was going to be my last day driving anybody’s Uber. I was planning on ending everything today.’”

Jon says, “And I lean back, and I [think], ‘God, are you kidding me?’ He bookends my week with one in the beginning, and one at the end. And then I feel like what God was saying to me was, ‘It’s not that I’ll say, yes, I can do it. It’s not that I won’t do it. It’s just that you don’t understand the way I do time.’”

These aren’t coincidences but divinely orchestrated moments, reminders that our paths cross with others for a reason.

God’s Timing and Purpose

Jon shares, “[God] comes right in the nick of time, and He showed me literally how he was coming in the nick of time for people.”

Jon Reddick

Jon’s revelation is a balm for all of us wrestling with questions of divine timing. God’s plans unfold in ways we might not comprehend, but always with a precision that serves His greater purpose.

God uses our stories, our presence, to impact others in ways we never could image. These moments, beautifully orchestrated by God, remind us we’re here for a reason, placed precisely where we need to be, for ourselves and for others.

As you reflect on Jon’s journey, consider the bookends of your own week, your own life.

  • Where is God showing up?
  • How is He using you in the lives of others?

We hope Jon’s story encourages you to stay open, to listen, and to be ready for the divine appointments that await you. As you welcome God’s timing, you’ll find your purpose and the significant impact you can have simply by being present in the moment, ready to share your story, and hear the stories of others.

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