Invite A Friend to Listen

Invite a Friend

It’s crazy how quickly life can change… for example, we’re still finding new ways to connect with each other. We can all stay connected to God and each other by listening to Family Life Radio. You might be mustering up the courage to invite a friend to church, or to volunteer at your favorite non-profit… how about inviting them to try Family Life Radio?

Did you know 83% of your friends would likely try a radio station they don’t normally listen to, if a good friend said they really liked it?

If you know someone who could use some hope from God, we’re giving you a new way to invite them to listen to Family Life Radio.

It’s easy…

1. Now through May 20, 2021 – Text the word FRIEND to our number 58326 and you’ll receive a special message that you can send to a friend. Follow the text prompts, and who knows? You or your friend could even win some cool tech prizes like Apple Airpods, an Apple Homepod mini smartspeaker, or an Amazon Echo Dot smartspeaker with clock! (message and data rates may apply)

2. On Certain Days (May 3, May 7, May 14), our Family Life Radio shows will be randomly texting winners to award that week’s prize.
a. Kankelfritz and Friends: 7 a.m. MT / 9 a.m. ET
b. Shannyn Caldwell: 1 p.m. MT / 3 p.m. ET
c. Peter Brooks: 4 p.m. MT / 6 p.m. ET (May 7, 2021 only)

3. In the meantime, keep listening to Family Life Radio and experience hope during these tough times and Be His Church to your friends and neighbors – more people have time on their hands, and questions in their hearts.

Be listening – we might be texting YOU during Kankelfritz and Friends, Mid-Days with Shannyn Caldwell, and the Afternoon Show during the contest period and you could win some cool prizes!

#InviteAFriend #myFLR

For details and official rules, click here

Thank you!
Family Life Radio

*(message and data rates may apply)