It Starts with You

The message of hope behind the song, Kingdom Come.

Rebecca St. James describes song writing as fragile and emotional. “You hope for something special to happen, and then it does, or it doesn’t. You show up in a writing room and you’re like, Wow, I really hope the magic lands. And then a lot of times, I feel like it just doesn’t. You work for it, and you try to be vulnerable and share things from your life.” 

But Rebecca and her brothers, Joel and Luke from for King and Country, wrote the song “Kingdom Come” miraculously in a day. 

“The song is about revival coming, but it starts with us,” Rebecca shared.

She says she loves that it is so scriptural. 

Blessed are the poor in spirit who long for you. 

Blessed are the heavy hearted in need of you.

Your hands are healing …

So let Your kingdom come,

And Your will be done

On earth as is in heaven.


Rebecca says, “This revival – God’s kingdom coming down on us is what we’re all so desperate for right now. We’re just longing to see Him show up in tangible ways, because I think all of us feel super needy after the two years or so that we’ve all been through.” 

We can feel discouraged about what’s happening in our world and the fear we’ve experienced, the loss, the disappointment. The words of this powerful song cry out, asking for the Lord to let His Kingdom come. 

“And it starts with me and you,” Rebecca clarifies, “from a revival sense.”  

On the road, Rebecca and her brothers take the time to teach the song to the audience and invite them to sing along. 

How does revival come?

Rebecca says the first word that comes to her mind when asked that question is holy. She doesn’t think about it in a religious way, but more like a child longing to please Daddy. “I have a love for Jesus, and I want to feel his pleasure in my life.” 

There’s something so captivating about that pure love for Jesus that plays out in your life that the world can’t deny. 

“I also think a move of the Spirit happens too,” Rebecca said. She describes it as a grace because He’s showing up. Revival is something that has to start individually. 

It starts with you.

We always see great moves of God because someone decided to follow him in a radical way. Someone asked the Evangelist Rodney Smith if he knew the secret to revival. He simply responded, “Draw a circle around yourself and pray, ‘O Lord, revive everything in this circle.'” 

So, today, if you want revival –

  1. Draw a circle. 
  2. Step into that circle. 
  3. Say aloud, “Lord, let revival start with me.” 

Rebecca’s message is hope and encouragement – we all need it. We are all desperate for it. Will you let revival start with you?

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