“It’s helped save our marriage”

You’re helping many like Andrea see life through a new lens

This October, Andrea and her husband will celebrate their five-year wedding anniversary. And while their marriage is in a healthy place today, it didn’t start that way. She explains…

“When we initially got married, I was a massive drug addict. Family Life Radio was instrumental in helping us find counseling from the correct outlet to change our marriage, but it also helped me change my outlook. I see my husband differently. I see life differently.”

To make a good story even better, not only was Andrea able to find the help she needed, but her children are also seeing life through a new lens. She writes:

I put on Family Life Radio and the music pours in. It’s amazing when my children, who have never been raised in the church, are singing along with the songs. My 11-year-old gets out of the car singing ‘You’re a good, good Father.’ It’s pulled our entire family together and helped save our marriage, repairing my heart and mind and my children’s hearts and minds.”

Not only was Andrea able to find the help she needed for her addiction and marriage, but she and her family now view life with the hope of Christ. And it’s all possible thanks to your faithful support.

Because of partners like you, your Family Life Radio is able to continue broadcasting hope-filled worship and truth-filled teachings along with offering pastoral care to those who need it.

Andrea’s story is one of the many lives that are changing every day as God’s grace works through wonderful supporters like you. So, thank you for your commitment to spreading the hope of Jesus through our ministry together!