“I felt like God was speaking to me personally”

Personal struggles can be easy to conceal. A problem that’s just popped up or a burden that’s been secretly carried for years can often be buried beneath a friendly smile.

But God knows the depths of every heart – and you’re helping listeners like Jamie experience His healing love.

Jamie shares how the music and messages of hope you make possible melted away the hurt and anger she held on to for decades:

“A little over a month ago, I came back to God. I was really angry, and I just didn’t understand why He would let something [bad] happen to me when I was just three years old.”

In our broken world, it’s difficult to find someone you can turn to any time of the day or night, and a voice that fills you with lasting hope. But Jamie found that hope through Family Life Radio, thanks to friends like you:

“I started listening to the station, and I heard songs that really spoke to me. I felt like God was speaking to me personally [about] the questions I had in my heart.”

God worked through the songs that played at just the right moment to reach Jamie’s broken heart and piece it back together…

“He answered me through the songs, which made me want to give [back]. He just surrounded me and made me feel so good,” she shared.

As Jamie listened, she felt God say: “I know these [bad] things have happened to you, but I’ve always been there, I will always be there, and I will always protect you.”

Jamie keeps her radio tuned to this station because “it gives me hope, courage and strength to deal with that internal battle I’ve been dealing with for 25 years.”

Your support helps many people like Jamie experience new hope through the uplifting music and messages on Family Life Radio every day. Thank you!

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