Jon Reddick’s Israel Encounter

A Catalyst for Stronger Faith

We all have moments along our faith journey where doubts intersect with our beliefs. It’s in the quiet, unexpected moments that we can often hear the Heavenly Father’s whispers the loudest. Talented songwriter, singer, and creative visual artist, Jon Reddick shares a personal, transformative experience atop a mountain in Israel – in this conversation with Family Life Radio.

Imagine standing on a mountain, the expanse of the Sea of Galilee stretching out before you. This was Jon’s reality in 2019 when, peering over the rail, he was struck by a powerful sense of God’s presence. “I remember just weeping in that moment and I was like, God, Jesus, if I never believed before, I sort of believe now.” His words the raw honestly found in the essence of a heart opening to belief. The moment – more than the physical beauty before him – held the stories, the history, and the faith that place represented.

No doubt your journey holds a cornerstone in such personal revelations as well. These moments, where the heart and soul are stirred beyond words, can redefine your path of belief when you seek these experiences with openness, allowing them to anchor your faith in something deeply personal and real.

Weathering the Storms of Life

Life has its seasons of storm and tranquility. Jon reflects on the tumultuous year of 2020, noting how it broke so many people apart. Yet, it’s within these trials that the true strength of your faith is tested and revealed.

Jon Reddick

Like Jon, you may find yourself battered by life’s storms, yet it’s here, in the midst of upheaval, that a declaration of faith becomes most profound. “Even though all this has happened in life, I still I still believe,” he shares.

Faith is not the absence of doubt or pain but the presence of belief through every circumstance.

When embraced, these moments become opportunities to deepen your trust and reliance on God.

Jon’s journey to his song, I Believe It, was crafted in the company of friends and fellow believers – David Leonard, Jonathan Smith, and Kate and Daniel Carson. “I sit down with some good friends … and God started pouring that song into [us].”

The Song as a Beacon

Jon speaks of a moment in the song where belief is proclaimed. “I love the fact that people are chanting, ‘I believe in the life of Jesus’. … it’s almost like a chant.”

Jon Reddick

Jon notes this collective affirmation transitions into worship, creating a space where faith and devotion intertwine. “But there’s also a worship element to it where we cry and holy, you know, holy to our God.”

Music and worship offer a unique way to express and experience your faith. They can lift your spirit, provide comfort, and strengthen your connection to God. When you find songs that resonate with your journey, they most often become a source of encouragement and reflection.

Jon’s faith journey, marked by a transformative moment in Israel and solidified through trials and community, offers a rich tapestry of lessons for your own path. Seek your “Sea of Galilee” moments—experiences that stir your soul and anchor your faith.