Jordan Feliz

Jordan Feliz, new to Christian radio with his hit single, The River, started his music career in his senior year, joining a rock band and touring nationally for four-and-a-half years.

After that, Jordan became a worship leader at a church in Clovis, California. It was there that he felt God put a desire in him to start creating music again. Music, “directed towards Him”. That’s when he and his wife, Jamie, began praying and two years ago moved to Nashville.

But, the move and the adjustment to life in Nashville wasn’t easy.

“It’s definitely been difficult.  He’s just been so apparent and we’ve seen so much of God working in our lives, so it’s really kind of been like walking through the fire feeling protected. It’s been awesome because in the difficulty we’ve been able to just seek him more.”

When asked what it’s been like to be a new artist on Christian radio with a song that has created  so much buzz, Jordan was quick to say it’s been “overwhelming”.

            “That’s basically my word for the year… overwhelming! I kind of came into this with not too many expectations knowing that I am the new guy. But seeing the way that God has really used this song and hearing the stories that people have sent, in the short amount of time that The River has been out, it’s been amazing.  I honestly am so blessed and so honored to be a part of this.”

The inspiration for The River was John 7:38, “Whoever believes in me will have rivers of living water flow from within them.”

“It’s an invitation to everyone.  To the person that feels too ashamed to take all their baggage to the foot of the cross, and to the person who feels like they’ve lived their entire life by the book.  But more than anything, The River is an opportunity to go down in amazing grace and to rise up being made new.”

Jordan is married to his high school sweetheart, Jamie and they recently welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Jolie!  And, the best thing about being a Dad?

“Finding a new perspective on the way that God loves us as his children, it’s created like a whole new respect from me to the love of God that he shows us, and it’s just crazy because I never knew I could love anything as much as I love my daughter.  And, it just sets it in a totally different perspective now. I am his son and thinking that he thinks the way I feel about her. It’s just crazy.  It’s just a total mind trip for me.”