Jordan St. Cyr Finds Unity in Diversity

Falling in love with what you don’t know

It’s no secret that in this world we live in, to say we are a globe torn and divided would be a severe understatement. It appears the only thing that anyone can agree on is to disagree on everything. And unfortunately, the body of Christ isn’t always a better representation on how to handle a difference of opinion. It takes a quick log-on to one of your favorite faith-based blogs and a glance at the comments section to see that.

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is convinced their opinion is the only correct one, and often they’ll stop at nothing to prove that.

How on earth do we, as believers, demonstrate the love of Christ in this sort of climate?

Jordan St. Cyr speaks of Jordan Peterson, a favorite author of his, who says the problem is how we have fallen in love with what we know, and when we fall in love with what we don’t know, that’s when we can celebrate the difference.

“Curious people are awesome!” Jordan says. “[But] they’re not always right. Can you be okay with that? Cause God’s okay with that.”

This doesn’t negate a wrong choice, nor the consequence that comes with it, mind you. And it’s tough when someone’s choice affects us personally. This is when things can get especially heated and when our need to seek individual justice kicks in.

This is also when Jordan says you have to return to the Word of God.

“The Word continually says, ‘Lay down your life.’ And I know that’s a tricky thing to say right now cause we’re going through so much, but the life of Christ is the way, the truth, the life, and the example.”

“In a greater way, He took His life out of the equation, [because He said], ‘My life, unto death.’ But He also made His life the equation.”

Being the example of Jesus was never going to be easy. It was never going to be comfortable. It was never going to be what our flesh wants. 

And that includes being right. 

A step towards unity may look an awful lot like nodding and smiling when Aunt Irma says something that makes your blood boil at Thanksgiving because it’s so far removed from the opinion you carry.

Just try to remember that Jesus loves Aunt Irma, too, and so you might just want to let it go.

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