Kankelfritz’s family fun begins at home

You may know Mike Kankelfritz for the quirky sense of humor he shares with you through Family Life Radio every day. But his positive outlook is rooted in something deeper and more personal – his own family life at home…

As Kankelfritz explains, “My wife Becky and I have been married coming up on 21 years. And God’s blessed us with two children, Abby Grace and Sam.”

Abby Grace is 16 years old and has cerebral palsy. She uses a wheelchair and can’t speak, see or hear much, but that doesn’t stop her from expressing the profound happiness Mike sees in her smile. “She’s a blast. She cries, and she can laugh. She’s just full of joy!”

He believes that God is still in the healing business, and that someday, Abby Grace will be able to speak and share what’s on her heart. But in the meantime, he relishes in the blessing of being her dad: “We sure love her.”

Their 10-year-old son Sam is like a mini version of Mike. “He’s Mr. Personality,” says Kankelfritz . “He says the funniest stuff. It was a gamechanger to go from no mobility with Abby Grace to mega-mobility with Sam.”

Kankelfritz has moved around the country a lot – growing up in Seattle, then studying in Arkansas because he always wanted to live in a foreign country, before moving on to Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana and finally settling with his family in Arizona.

What’s his greatest career move? “Graduating from school and leaving Arkansas without marrying my sister… and keeping most of my teeth!”

And how did he meet Becky? “In church. That’s where all the good-lookin’ girls are!” he says with a smile. “But seriously, Becky’s my superhero. Helping our daughter with her special needs isn’t easy, and Becky spends a lot of time chauffeuring her around to specialist appointments.” One good thing about that is that while they’re driving, they listen to Family Life Radio. And Mike would be the first one to tell you, “What better soundtrack can you get to lift your heart with the hope of Jesus every day?”

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