Your Donation to Family Life Radio will make an impact


In today’s world, real hope is hard to find. That’s why Family Life Radio exists: to bring the message of hope in Christ to those who desperately need to hear it.  Not only will your monthly gift impact the lives of listeners, it will also impact the life of a mother and her child.

Here’s how: when you invest into Family Life Radio with a gift of $30 per month (Dollar-A-Day) or special (one-time) gift of $365, via credit or debit card, you will provide food and hope to a vulnerable mom and baby for one month. Every dollar you give stays with Family Life Radio, keeping your local station on the air AND helps malnourished moms and babies in the developing world through Compassion International. 

Your generosity today will make an incredible local impact, and globally, you’ll help release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Provide Meals For a Mother & Child

More About Compassion International

According to the World Health Organization, in 2017 1 in 26 children across this world died before they reached five years of age. And in the developing world that number is even higher. Does that number shock you? It should! That’s nearly 15,000 precious lives taken every single day, mostly by causes that are easily prevented including starvation.


Who will rescue and protect the most fragile lives on earth? Compassion is addressing this tragedy through church-based staff working with mothers even before their babies are born, providing proper nutrition. This is critical care that is literally saving the lives of mothers and babies in the world’s poorest places.
Your partnership provides critical, life-saving food for the most vulnerable babies and moms in need of immediate help.

Learn more about Compassion International.