Making God Central with Jordan St. Cyr

Prayer is the real key

The challenge to pray without ceasing came up in discussion when Family Life Radio talked with Jordan St. Cyr, contemporary Christian singer, songwriter and storyteller.

Jordan shared that continual prayer is the real key. His hope is that if a stranger were looking in at his life, he would see that “I’m a crazy person that is continually talking to God,” Jordan explained.

Prayer is the lifeline that connects you with your Heavenly Father. It is critical to invite God into every aspect of your life. Jordan stressed the importance of maintaining a constant conversation with God, seeking His guidance and recognizing His desire for intimacy. It is the key to a vibrant relationship with God.

Jordan said, “I treat Him [God] like a best friend who’s always there.”

Ephesians 6:18 urges believers to “Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests” (NIV). Prayer is not limited to designated times; it is an ongoing conversation with God that permeates every moment of your life. By continually talking to God, you acknowledge His presence and invite Him to be actively involved in your daily affairs.

Jordan emphasized the importance of seeking God’s guidance in every step of the journey. He understands the value of asking for wisdom, calming anxieties and interceding for the needs of the world.

  • James 1:5 assures you that if you lack wisdom, you can ask God, who gives generously without reproach.
  • When you seek His guidance, you demonstrate your dependence on His divine wisdom, and He faithfully directs your paths (Proverbs 3:6).
  • Continual prayer aligns your heart with God’s will, leading you in His perfect plan for your life.

Jordan St Cyr

In pursuit of a deeper connection with God, you must recognize His desire for intimacy. Jordan highlighted the need to invite God into your life and make Him the center. Jeremiah 29:13 assures that when you seek God with all your heart, you will find Him. Continual prayer is an invitation for God to be present in every aspect of your life. It is an ongoing dialogue that allows you to experience the depth of His love, grace and guidance. God longs to intimately commune with you, transforming your life through His presence.

“I do think it’s important to show your devotion,” Jordan explained, “by carving out time in your life and having those quiet times. For me, being on the go, I am constantly praying.”

Jordan asks God for guidance. He asks Him to calm his anxieties and to heal our land. He prays for the world.

“We need God to be central,” Jordan said, “And in God’s goodness and kindness, it’s [because of] the gospel He allows us to say, ‘God be the center of my life.’”

As you continually converse with God, you begin to understand His goodness and kindness. Psalm 34:8 invites you to taste and see that the Lord is good. Through prayer, you experience His faithfulness, mercy and provision. Your constant communication with Him reminds you of His unchanging character and His willingness to listen and respond. In every moment, you can approach Him with confidence, knowing that He desires to meet your needs and give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).

Amidst your prayers and petitions, you surrender to God’s timing. Jordan’s emphasis on continual prayer reflects an attitude of surrender, recognizing that God’s ways are higher than his own (Isaiah 55:9). Ecclesiastes 3:11 reminds us that God makes everything beautiful in its time. As you persistently pray, you learn to trust in God’s perfect timing, allowing Him to work out His plans and purposes in your life.

Continual prayer is not a set of rituals or specific moments in time; it is an ongoing conversation that permeates every aspect of your life. As you invite God into every moment, seek His guidance and acknowledge His goodness and desire for intimacy, you experience a deepening relationship with your Heavenly Father. Continual prayer aligns your heart with God’s will, brings comfort in times of uncertainty and cultivates a posture of surrender to His perfect timing.

Prayer is a powerful tool to deepen your relationship with God.

Jordan reminds us that God is not the stoic personality. “He wants you to invite Him in,” Jordan stated. Through continual prayer, you unlock the transformative power of God’s presence in every moment of your life.

In the words of the apostle Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, “pray without ceasing” (ESV). As you do, your life will be a testament to the power and beauty of continual prayer, as you experience the transformative work of God in your heart and in the world around you. May your heart be continually attuned to His voice, seeking His guidance and finding solace in His presence.

Embrace the call to continual prayer, recognizing it as a privilege and a transformative journey with the One who loves you. Through continual prayer, you invite God into every moment. As you cultivate a lifestyle of continual conversation with the Heavenly Father, you are transformed from within, empowered to walk in His purposes and find comfort in His abiding presence.

If you choose not to be anxious about anything, you can live a supernatural life.

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