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Matt Maher

Matt Maher, in August 2015, had the privilege of participating in Chris Tomlin’s Worship Night in America at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, along with several other Christian artists, and he had a blast!

            “It’s kind of like going back to summer camp and seeing all your old buddies. And the fact that we got to do it at Red Rock was kind of a bucket list moment for everybody.  It’s like God himself carved the place out of the ground for people to sing his praises.”

Several years earlier, Chris Tomlin had requested permission to record Matt’s song, Your Grace Is Enough. Having an established artist request permission to record one of your songs is a great honor and it was a memorable moment for Matt.

“I remember it was an email from Chris in January of 2004. Chris was in the middle of making Arriving.  He pretty much had most of the record done.  He was looking for one or two other songs, and he had heard that song. It really was a moment where I had a deep abiding sense that God was saying this is the beginning of a new chapter.  Yeah, and it’s been an awesome chapter so far.”

Matt lives in Nashville with his wife Kristin and their two young daughters, Connor and Rowan. The humorous things his kids say and do, along with his wife’s sense of humor, keeps their home filled with laughter. And as a husband and a father, there is one thing Matt wants to be more intentional about.

            “I think there are two sides to every family.  There’s the side of running a house, which is like running an administration.  There’s all this administrative stuff that we have to do as family, but I think the goal is to try to be present to each other in the midst of doing that. Right now my wife and I are really trying to be good stewards.  We can run a good household but more than that God wants us just to be truly present to one another.”