This is the team who help bring the message of hope to the nation. They make us laugh, challenge us and strengthen us through the power of music, relationship and a healthy dose of laughter!

We hope this gives you a little look into their lives, what they love and the fun they bring to the entire Family Life Radio team.


Join Kankelfritz and Friends every morning and start your day with your favorite Christian music, encouraging conversation and fun! In addition to his quirky, pastoral outlook on life, Kankelfritz is a devoted husband and dad that you’ll feel like you’ve known for years. Here’s what he says about his role as morning show host:

“There is huge power in how we start each day. I love helping someone begin their day with laughter, positive thoughts, and songs that help put our focus on God!”

Kankelfritz has more than 28 years of experience, and he got his start on country, rock and light rock stations before following God’s lead into Christian radio. He’s served as morning show co-host on national networks and major markets like Houston and Tulsa. Now he brings his laughter and authenticity to Family Life Radio listeners.

He, his wife Becky and their two children live in Tucson, and the desert is a far cry from his youth spent in Seattle and more recently their time in Indiana.


Shannyn and her husband Joseph have been married for almost 20 years. “Our marriage is a blessing straight from the hand of God and speaking of blessings from the Lord…Our kids are pretty awesome, too!” Their daughter has her Degree from Wayne State in Detroit and their son is a high school student who plays drums in the youth worship band!

Shannyn loves
long walks in the woods and quiet time at home reading a good book. When stressed, you’ll find her in the garden or kitchen baking something delicious and healthy.

Shannyn says:

The death and resurrection of Jesus is the most important thing that has happened in the history of man-kind. Talking about it is the most important thing I can do with my life. So, to have the chance to share Him daily with thousands of people….well, that’s what gets me out of bed each day.”