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Mom Buys Out Shoe Store!

Mom Buys Out Shoe Store for Kids Going Back to School!

Carrie and Her Daughters (Photo Courtesy of Inside Edition)

With Back-To-School season here, I’m sure you’ve been busy getting the kids ready. Well, one mom decided to take it one step further and bought an entire store’s worth of shoes for a bunch of back to school kids! One day, Carrie went shopping at Payless to get her daughters ready for school when her daughter pointed out a pair she wanted for her friend who couldn’t afford new shoes.

This inspired Carrie to not only buy that one pair for her daughter’s friend but every pair inside that store. She purchased 1,500 pairs of shoes that day just to give away to students in need.

It’s so awesome to see how one child’s desire to help her friend turned into this grand gesture by her mom. To me, this just shows how God can take the small deeds you and I do and transform them into something ten times as powerful.


It reminds me of Matthew 17:20 where Jesus said “if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there” and it would move”.

You and I can have that same kind of impact doing something as simple as buying someone a coffee or maybe even a new pair of shoes for a student headed back-to-school. You never know how far God will make that kindness go.

Alex, Producer and Resident Millennial for the Kankelfritz and Friends Morning Show