“My kids are heaven bound.”

Thanks to Family Life Radio …
“My kids are heaven bound.”

Angela is a long-time Family Life Radio listener who called in to share her story about living an intentional life …

“We’d been doing Bible study as a family, hit and miss,” she shared.

“Some nights we would, some nights we wouldn’t, just being a super busy family. My kids are all in different sports, plus school and homework, and there’s just not a lot of time left.”

Angela’s ONE THING
“One day, after listening to Intentional Living with Dr. Randy Carlson, I thought, We’re busy doing all these things; we’re just not doing important things. So I made a promise to God I was going to be intentional about doing Bible study every night as a family.”

“We started doing just that,” she said. “Some nights it lasts only five minutes. Other nights, we’ll get into a discussion, and it will last an hour!”

YOU are helping raise up families who live intentionally for God. “We’ve been doing intentional Bible study for about two years now,” Angela said.

Your support of Family Life Radio makes an eternal impact!

“The most amazing part is all of my children have accepted Christ,” she said. “They’ve all been baptized, and my kids are heaven bound. They accepted Christ right in our home — during family Bible study!”

“Before, I was leaving it up to the church to lead my kids to Christ,” Angela shared. “But we only go Sunday mornings. If we didn’t make this decision to be intentional to do our Bible study together as a family, that might not have happened. I’m so thankful for Family Life Radio!”

Thank you to all who make Family Life Radio’s life-changing programs, like Intentional Living, possible!

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