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Never Fear…God is here!

Lately I’ve been thinking about fear. It comes in all shapes and sizes. It weasels its way into our hearts and our lives. And then it sets up shop. Have you ever noticed that? Once it gets inside you, it lingers. And it spreads. It starts to affect every area of your life. Things we might have thought were safe territory become a breeding ground for insecurity and anxiety. And that’s the enemy’s plan.

But I was reading a Max Lucado book, Fear Not, recently, and this passage really struck me.

“Fear never wrote a symphony or poem, negotiated a peace treaty, or cured a disease.
Fear never pulled a family out of poverty or a country out of bigotry.
Fear never saved a marriage or a business.
Courage did that. Faith did that.
People who refused to consult or cower to their timidities did that. But fear itself? Fear herds us into a prison and slams the doors.
Wouldn’t it be great to walk out?”

Courage and faith. Those seem to be the keys. When you’re feeling stuck in the prison of fear, take a stand. Trust in God. You might be surprised what fear you can conquer.

Section excerpted from Fear Not Promise Book © 2009 Max Lucado, used by permission of Thomas Nelson.