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112. How an Invitation Changed Lives

An invitation to Bible study changed Sally’s life | Linda’s story of how she came to know Christ | Good News: Jene on finding joy through the difficult seasons of […]

96. Condemning Sin We Don’t Deal With

Unique Names – Star’s Many Middle Names | Patty and Kathleen – How Many Showers | Condemning Sin We Don’t Deal With | Smiley Checks, Smiley People, Bigger Tips | […]

50. Status Quo Freakout

What our families are sending 10,000 texts about each year | Kank’s forgotten birthday | Should you need social media to know special days? | Good News – Lanessa won […]

210. Having Trouble Experiencing God’s Presence? Say “Thank You”

Grandma Chefs – Linda’s Grandma’s Jambalaya and Tiramisu | Mispronunciations – “Accrit” is Inaccurate | Sally and Mysti are NOT the Same Person | Craig Cooper – Meeting Walker Hayes […]

95. Grocery Store Grace and Awesome Bosses

Grocery Store Grace – Accidental Line Cutter | Grocery Store Grace – Twofer Cantaloupe | A Sandwich for Breakfast – Healthy Foods | Corporate Prayer – Fran Listens to God […]

186. You Have Been Made for Such a Time as This

Charging for Christmas – Laura Would Want to Know Circumstances | Charging for Christmas – Cindy’s Okay with Charging | Nicole Jacobsmeyer – Joy VS Happiness | Good News – […]

Nicole Jacobsmeyer: Take Back Your Joy

Nicole Jacobsmeyer, author of Take Back Your Joy: Fighting for Purpose When Life is More Than You Can Handle, talks about the difference between joy and happiness, why the greatest […]

113. Success is Not in the Spotlight

Tammy wants a voicemail | Lisa doesn’t want to talk | Tim Schurr talks about the Secret Society of Success, how success is not found in the spotlight, how God […]

158. Tootsie Roll “Wedgies”

Be nice | Cindy’s tootsie roll “wedgies” | Ubuntu | Faith before obedience | Don’t throw it away!

Josh Baldwin: God is Not Safe

Family Life Radio artist Josh Baldwin talks about how God is good, but not safe, the release in giving your big dreams to God, his experience being a preacher’s kid, […]

198. Getting Left Behind Stories

Left Behind – Jennifer Left 2-Year-Old on the Beach | Left Behind – Deb Left Son at the Donut Shop | 5-Year-Old Hudson’s Anxiety Advice | Good News – Janessa’s […]

Coach Dar: The Art of Bouncing Back

Darleen Santore, AKA “Coach Dar,” talks about her new book, The Art of Bouncing Back: Find Your Flow to Thrive at Work and In Life Any Time You’re Off Your […]

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