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Darren Mulligan Wishes He Were a Better Christian

Darren Mulligan of We Are Messengers talks about wishing he was a better Christian, how forgiveness made him fall in love with Jesus, what his wife is teaching him, and […]

238. Stories of Amazing Miracles!

Stories of Amazing Miracles – Leann’s Miracle Baby | Stories of Amazing Miracles – Don’s New Heart | Spiritual Power of a Snack and a Nap | Phylicia Masonheimer – […]

220. What Would Be Your State’s Smell?

State Scents – Steve and Michigan’s Blueberry Morning | State Scents – Annie’s West Virginia and Zack’s California Smells | Kenisha’s Kiddo is Singing Along with Family Life Radio | […]

159. How to Avoid Being Kidnapped

Joy lasts | Happiness with money | Prayer notes | Gayle’s fat cat | How to avoid being kidnapped!

115. Receiving the Gift

God’s name is Harold | It’s not my birthday cake | Things you should never apologize for | Mysti puts on makeup to hike in the desert | Good News: […]

231. Perspective on Prayer

Surprises – He’s in a Box! | Kank’s Iffy on Reduced Price Shrimp | Mysti Got Stuck in the Elevator…Twice | Love Your Neighbor – Mary Lou Nominates Lydia | […]

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