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90. Against-All-Odds Stories and Josh Havens from the Afters

Against All Odds: God Grew Baby’s Brain | Against All Odds: Saving the Drowning Girl | Find My Phone: Dumpster Dive | Josh Havens of the Afters: Guilt Can Be […]

202. Jim and the 30-Day Challenge

Adults Buying Kids’ Toys – Creepy Crawlies | Adults Buying Kids’ Toys – EZ-Bake Oven | Jelly Fruit Taste Test | Good News – Brenda – Child Born Despite Infertility […]

385. Regifting and New Christmas Traditions

6 O'Clock News – Homes for Homeless and Regifting | Regifting – Brenda's Gift Drawer | Regifting – Britney and the Gift that Keeps on Giving | New Christmas Tradition […]

365. You Got Mysti’d! – Sharing Kindness at Work

6 O'Clock News – A Bible Returned and Gifts are Hard to Get | A Hard Time Getting Gifts – He Got 4 Tires | Subjects that Should be Taught […]

201. Phrases Going Out of Style and More Mike Donehey!

Tiffany Became a Paramedic after Son Passed | Phrases Out of Style – Hobby Lobby | Phrases Out of Style – It Is What It Is | Mike Donehey – […]

128: How to Combat Negative Self-Criticism

Self-Criticism – David Has Finds a Place to Pray Anywhere | Self-Criticism – Patty’s Affirming Post-Its | Sally’s Keepsake – Amanda’s Swan | Keepsakes – Kathy’s Mom Had an Avon […]

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