What is Monthly Partnership?

Your ongoing, monthly gift of support as a Family of Hope Monthly Partner helps others experience real hope in their lives.

To become a Monthly Partner, just commit to make an ongoing, monthly gift of any amount to Family Life Radio.

There is no minimum amount to qualify as a Monthly Partner, but many people choose to give a “Dollar a Day” ($30 per month) to help with the ongoing operation of your station. We hope that you’ll consider joining us at that level.

Q & A with a Monthly Partner

You describe yourself as a very faithful listener to Family Life Radio, but it wasn’t always like that, was it?

Well, I had been listening to Family Life Radio for about seven years. Really, I wasn’t listening. I just had it on in the background – and that describes my relationship with God, too.  He was just somewhere in the background.  I went to church, only when I had time. I never gave to the church – money or otherwise. I wasn’t really listening to Family Life Radio during those years because I wasn’t really listening to God.

So what changed?

One day, my husband, Jason sat across from me and told me our marriage was over. That was last year, and that’s when I started really listening to God and listening to Family Life Radio. Every day was suddenly a struggle to save my marriage. But, I feel fortunate – Jason’s still here, and I have hope!

You decided to support the radio station financially – was that a big decision?

I’m supporting Family Life Radio monthly because it’s important I hear God’s voice.  So I can be the wife God wants me to be – and that I want to be.

I am a Family Life Radio Monthly Partner.