Your Support Helps People Like Roger

You help thousands of people like Roger say:

‘God has not given up on me’

There are so many people all around you who are struggling with fear, anxiety, stress and loneliness.

But thankfully, your support of Family Life Radio is giving them a hope-filled place to turn to—a reassuring voice in the storm when life gets overwhelming.

You’re helping reach thousands of people like Roger every day with the comforting message that God’s in control and He loves each of us infinitely.

Just look at what Roger wrote to say:

“I have encountered some difficult times in my life and faith [but] listening to Family Life Radio and Dr. Randy’s Intentional Living messages have helped me hang on to [the] hope that God has not given up on me.”

 When the storms of life come, it’s easy to forget about God’s faithfulness and feel alone.

That’s why the daily reminder you’re bringing through Family Life Radio’s uplifting messages and music is so helpful to keep life in perspective. You’re helping remind people of God’s many promises like, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5 NIV).

Those deep and lasting promises from God’s Word have incredible power to transform hearts, minds and souls. And as you help people like Roger hear God’s promises being spoken over them—in their car, at work, at home, or wherever they are—it helps them find hope in their hardship and lean into God’s love.

No matter what struggles you might be facing today, you too can find hope and joy in knowing that your loving God is always with you.

That’s the life-changing message you share with Roger and thousands more listeners every day. So thank you for bringing the hope of Christ to those who need it through your generous support of Family Life Radio!

Double Your Impact!

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