Artist Spotlight

Plumb – A Story of Hope

Plumb stepped to the microphone wondering if this would be the time that she could tell her story that she didn’t cry. It wasn’t and as she started to sing “Need You Now” the tears started rolling down her cheeks. “I was caught up in what the world had to offer,” Plumb explained. “Saying all along that I wasn’t after fame and fortune, but I was.” It was two days after Christmas in 2011 and her husband began to think that living with someone else would be better for him and his future. They separated and only a miracle straight from the hand of God could bring them back together.

That was when Plumb got down on her knees and God met her there. Telling Him that it was all a mistake, that she wanted her marriage and she wanted to live for Him, God gave her back her family and they celebrated their rededication of their vows. She shares that she has never had a relationship with Christ like she has now and she celebrates that her walls are down and her secrets are out. Now when asked what she is feeling about her marriage and God, Plumb can’t say anything but “thankful”.

When she wrote her song “Need You Now” Plumb says that she never thought it would resonate with people the way that it has. She was actually surprised at her own reaction to the song when she was going through her separation. “It’s funny how the songs you think everyone will be drawn to are often not the ones you think are the most authentic,” explains Plumb. “I’ve learned a lot as a songwriter because of that and I am so thankful for the response.”

In her new book “Need You Now: A Story of Hope” Plumb tells of how she lived the words of her album Need You Now after its release. “It speaks to what I went through after the album release and now singing those words shows me how God can use what we are experiencing before we ever go through it!” The book is her opportunity to write about the crash and burn of her marriage and how they are working on rebuilding their 14 year union. She says that date nights may simply be going to Home Depot without the kids but that she and her husband are intentional to keep the romance alive.

So from this point forward, Plumb wants you to know that there is hope in the pain and worship when you can barely hold up your head. And maybe a few tears each time she walks to the microphone.