365. You Got Mysti’d! – Sharing Kindness at Work

6 O'Clock News – A Bible Returned and Gifts are Hard to Get | A Hard Time Getting Gifts – He Got 4 Tires | Subjects that Should be Taught in School | Subjects that Should be Taught in School – Changing a Tire | Aaron and Jennifer Smith – Prayer Isn't Natural to Us | Fall Tailgate Party with Family Life Radio – You Can Choose the Music We Play!* | Good News – She Came Back to Church by Listening to Family Life Radio | Kankelfritz and the Red Car Theory | 8 O'Clock News – To Serve and Protect & Thanksgiving Hosting | You Just Got Mysti'd! – Sharing Kindness at Work | Joy Report – Maisie's Re-Baptized and Her Husband Came to Christ | Helping Others with Embarrassing Circumstances

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