422. Your Pain is Never Wasted (02/09/24)

The Ultimate Christian Super Bowl Halftime Show | You Can Make a Big Difference in Small Steps | If You're a Writer, This is a Beautiful Moment | Your Pain is Never Wasted | Your Pain is Never Wasted – Chad's Military Perspective | Sally and Her Daughter and the Case of the Anti-Theft Tag | Good News – Maggie Lost Weight Cutting Out Diet Food | Jordan Raynor – God's a God of Work | Camille – Take Ourselves Out of the Work Equation | Mysti – Holding Onto the Negative – The Exact Date | Joy Report – Daniel's Uber Evangelism | 6-Year-Old Emma's Wise Words About Love

(Hey, this is Producer Alex. Today's my last day with the Morning Show and I just wanted to say "goodbye". THANK YOU for being our friend all these years!)