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Hello i pray for Jesus to show up and show His self to be all who we profess Him to be. I pray God not only changes things for my family and my marriage but for other families and marriages as well. Father i come to you in the most humble way i know how im hurting and im broken i feel im at the bottom right now lately i been going through so much ive been feeling like life isnt worth living living here on this earth. Its full of so much trouble its just ridiculous You My Father created us all with pure and Holy intentions You oh Father i believe created us with so much love in your heart. Please Father show up and show out for me i feel so alone as if nobody cares for me and my children and that hurts the most im married but i feel like im constantly facing a dead end with my husband his family treats me and my kids so bad no compassion no real love my husbands parents constantly interfere in our marriage it never had a chance to thrive my husband is all over the place mentally physically and spiritually and its sad to watch i used to be somebody but now i feel like nobody my children have suffered and lost so much in life its ridicoulous never had a chance to be completely happy not even for a day facing homelessnes emptiness no love and displacement each and everyday is very overwhelming and i do not know how much longer my heart will allow me to make it this way. Father i need you to be my Father right now i need you to be my provider healer restorer deliverer rescuer messiah best friend right now i need a miracle so my life can change right now for the good im sick of suffering my children suffering and my husband please if you hear this prayer change our life right now for the good bless us financially right now in Jesus name show my family Lord that You are real and that you do love us. Show up and show out in the most tremendous way possible do for us what man kind and our extended family wont show my family that We still serve the same God who parted the red sea who feed the 5000 who raised the dead and gave new life show us Father that nothing is too hard for You show me Father how much you love me i call on you day in and day out i need you to comfort me and bless me and shut the mouth of the enemy right now in Jesus name i ask you to manifest yourself to me i ask for your divine intervention i ask for you to rescue me by your hand and your hand only fix it all Lord take me literally from rags to riches not because im greedy but because of what ive had to endure and my family too show up and do what our mothers and fathers wont do our sisters and brothers wont do place me and my husband up so high that the same people who ridiculed and hurt us have to really make appointments to see us make us the head and not the tail heal my family body of all diseases heal our minds and souls show other people that they are not God but You are nobody can take your place and that no man on earth can love us like You do i need you Father Oh how i need thee please have mercy and hear and answer my cry please turn us around please change our finances in the twinkling of an eye i dont ever want to worry about money anymore Father overflow my bank account run your Son Jesus blood through my body and my husband and kids body i need you to be my Father and stand up for my sake daddy i need you to fight the enemy i need you to tell these people that really dont care about nobody else these people that you have blessed but wont lift a finger to help the poor and needy wont offer shelter just put us down show them they wickedness their uncompassionate hearts i need my Father to fight for me if im loved by you Father if what you have shown me is true than show up for me daddy and fight for me people don't like me but i need you to show up and show them that You love me i give it to you today and im expecting my daddy to show up and show out like only You can You are MY only hope i am nothing without You Lord and if You dont show up i just dont know what im gonna do if it is Your will Father bless me with Your love and Holy presence if it is Your will move on my behalf please in your Son Jesus name i pray Amen and Amen.........

Received: May 22, 2019