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Father God, I need you, do you hear me? Can you help me? I've trusted in your faithfulness I've leaned on your promises I've studied your word. I tried to obey your instruction, I live in faith, but my faith fails, my hope is hopeless, I strive to correct my mistakes, and I repeatedly fail. I asked for your help and I get none, I asked for you to fix it and I barely get the strength to press on. I'm tired of fighting, I'm tired of struggling, too tired to go on.

49 years I've lived, hard years, years of difficulty pain and despair, only by your grace I've arrived here, only through your strength I've made it this far. How long can I go on this way, is it my life to see, to answer, how much can a man take before he breaks, how far can I walk alone, my mother gave me up, my father, whomever that was never raised me, those lies my adopted parents gave me proved to be false when they gave me up, threw me out to a dysfunctional STATE, I press on, sometimes going left when I should have gone right, but who was there to guide me, to lead me, to teach me? I'm grateful I found you in the darkness, the little spark of light to help me in the times of despair, but Father God, you are God not man, your spirit is within me, so how do I hug you? How do I know you hear me when I cry out to you? I can't see you, I can't feel you, where are your hands? Do your eyes perceive me? Am I too little to see? Do I speak the wrong language, or say two little words? I have no more tears to cry, I've shed the last one for you to no avail. I still sit here alone in this hell! If this is the life knowing you then what would it be like if I didn't? You are Almighty, you created everything I see and everything I can't see, both bigger than me and smaller than a grain of sand, but you say you hold me in your hand? But you can't help me see a life of Harmony or peace? Can you, in your might, open a door or lend a hand? I've asked your children and I'm lucky to get lip service. You must provide! You must shine! I have to hear from you to speak, to act, because the help of man is crap! please Father God, I ask for your provision. Change my world or change me, but change something or let me sleep! I can't go on like this I've had enough of not having enough! I'm tired of being alone and needy! I cry out to you to fix me! I Am Yours save me!

Received: September 8, 2022