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thus is a long prayer request I am a.prayer warrior, I dont know what else to do I am troubled with a heavy heart I need prayers to lift me, my husband and our 20 year old daughter up. 1st is me there is a church near me that is looking for a cleaner full time mon- Fri 40 hrs a week $ 13.00- $16.00 hr not sure of the time I go up there every day raining or sunny I sit in my car, pray for this job, in Jesus name 2nd for my husband to pray that God would soften his heart put conviction in his heart for him to be the man God created him to for God to take away his sadness depression ,change his heart, for him to get more work owner operator gets containers from savanna but there is no work now because of the Chinese new year they just stop every thing from coming in he has worked 2 days last week I have been praying the scripture over all of us, putting our names in the scripture, at the end not my will but God's will, in Jesus name. I have asked my husband for a divorce a few times, he said he did not want that we would have been married 26 years I .said I wanted a divorce, just walked away he said he started to cry, left his truck sitting there at work he did not come after me to find out why told his friends that I drove him to drink which I said I did not force your hand we are still married living together in the same house, but there is no intimacy or making love it.feels like just roommates he now has 2 lives at home the other with his biker family he now belongs to a motorcycle association not club they do different charities for people in the community not like the church only for the church we have all been baptized, he has only worked 2 days because of the Chinese new year they stop work for a couple of months then they start working he is owner operator, gets containers from the port. I pray for God to change his heart, for him not to be so loud, also for his drinking not to drink so much. for him to be the man God created him to be he said before that he wanted to be a better person.he told me, our daughter that he's sorry he failed her as her father, he's sorry he failed me as my husband. his parents went through the same thing his mom got fridged, he did what he had to do, they still loved each other, he came ho.e to her, they were ok with that issue. please pray for all 3 of us in Jesus name not mine.our 20 year old daughter to soften her heart, take away the sadness depression and anger from her heart which I pray for God to take away her heart of stone, to put a heart of flesh Ezekiel. 36-26,27,,also psalm 18:16-19 ,put our names in their thus is scripture from the Bible. she is looking for another job again she has no friends she thought was her friends but turned out to be a disaster, she realized that would have been a mistake to move. her heart is so hardened, my husband says she needs help but we can't force her to get help she has to do that on her own and if we force her we may loose her forever, we would never see her again. I said to her I don't like seeing her like this if she went to seek help she would not have to carry this weight around with her. she does not want to

I read that some kids go through the same thing where they don't want to go anywhere or do stuff anymore, but she is an adult. 21 in a few months , they say that they will come back she grew up with morals, her cousins did not ,they turned on her also. so she is now an introvert, she could be getting worse, I know sometimes they commit suicide, I pray that God would take away the negative feelings from her life (heart). she comes in my room, checks on me, I have always told her I love her, I am proud to call her my daughter. since day 1., that my door is open for her she says thank you. please pray for her also I know God's timing is not our time, but how.long do I keep praying for God to intervene, watch her go through this darkness in her life, anything to help her . I am a prayer warrior, I still pray I don't know what else to do . thank you in Jesus name not mine.

Received: February 5, 2023